Jean-Louis Foulley

Jean-Louis Foulley

Director of Research (retired)

Affiliated to Institut Montpelliérin Alexander Grothedick, University of Montpellier

My Research field had been at INRAE, Fra in the field of Statistical Genetics both from a theoretical and practical points of views, especially in the following areas:

  • Quantitative and Population Genetics, Genetic diversity

  • Analysis of Structural & Functional Genomic Data

  • Mixed Models (Linear, GLM, NonLinear) Hierarchical Models

  • Variance component estimation, Heterogeneous Variances

  • Categorical Data, Longitudinal Data

  • EM, SAEM Algorithms

  • Bayesian models and inference

I came to Sport Statistics and Analytics after retirement with a special interest in forecasting outcomes of football matches and assessment of forecasting quality.

Foulley JL (2015) A simple Bayesian procedure for forecasting the outcomes of the UEFA Champions League matches. Journal de la Société Française de Statistique, 156,38-50Foulley JL, Tassi P (2017) Pour la Mathématique du Sport. Variances. Foulley JL, Celeux G (2018) A penalty criterion for score forecasting in soccer ; arXiv:1806.01595Foulley JL (2020) Assessment of probability forecasts of football outcomes based on scoring rules: example of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage40th Virtual International Forecasting Symposium 2020 26-28 oct 2020