Maurizio Carpita

Prof. Dr. Maurizio Carpita

Department of Economics and Management, University of Brescia

Maurizio Carpita is Full Professor of Statistics at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Brescia (Italy) and scientific director of the DMS StatLab - Data Methods and Systems Statistical Laboratory at the University of Brescia. He's co-author of several scientific articles in international journals and books, co-editor in chief of EJASA (Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis) indexed in Web of Science and SCOPUS, and regularly act as scientific reviewer for many scientific journals in the field of Statistics.

Research activities of Maurizio Carpita are in the fields of methodological and applied statistical sciences, with applications of latent variables and psychometric models, big data technologies, machine learning and data mining tools in economics and social sciences. Actually, research interest is about applications of data analytics and models for performance analysis of soccer teams.