Lucio Palazzo

Dr. Lucio Palazzo

University of Naples Federico II, Department of Social Science

Lucio is currently a PostDoc Research Fellow at the Department of Social Science of the University of Naples Federico II as member of the BigStat research project. He received his PhD in Statistical Methods at the Doctoral School entitled "Economics and Policy Analysis of Markets and Firms" at University of Salerno.

Some of his current research interests include discrete-valued Time Series analysis (with focus on count data), Network analysis and Cylindrical data analysis, with special emphasis on classification and clustering methods.

His actual research is focused on the sport analytics field, in particular he proposes the use of passing-network measures for team sports to perform clustering, to make outcome predictions and to evaluate performances in a team-level and player-level perspective.

This statistical methodology may be applied to a broad range of, but not limited to, sport-related problems: individual wellness (well-being, health, injuries prevention), real-time tactics (image analysis, wearable devices, player tracking) and financial aspects (marketing studies, transfer market analysis).