Laurent Malisoux

Dr. Laurent Malisoux

Luxembourg Institute of Health, Sports Medicine Research Laboratory

Over the last 10 years, SMRL of LIH has developed diverse competencies and experience in the areas of clinical research (orthopedics), clinical and sports epidemiology, biomechanics and custom IT solutions for sports medicine research (e.g. TIPPS – Training and Injury Prevention Platform for Sports, patient outcome platform, PAMI – Pediatric ACL Monitoring Initiative, etc.). SMRL has a longstanding experience in sports injury monitoring and prevention in many context such as in a sports school for promising young athletes, in team sports (e.g. handball and football) and running. With LIROMS and other partners, SMRL also generated and owns register-type databases, such as on reconstruction of torn ACL, a very common sports injury with high impact on return to sports and degenerative diseases in later life. More recently, SMRL is building expertise in the use of wearable devices for the assessment of physical activity in the population and the analysis of running biomechanics in free living environment.

Dr. Malisoux has expertise in exercise physiology and biomechanics of healthy individuals, as well as in sports training, sports injury epidemiology in the context of sport sciences and population health. He also holds a keen interest in injury prevention among youth in sports, especially due to the long term consequences of such events. In 2012 Dr. Malisoux started his research on running-related injuries, and has conducted studies on running shoes and potential risk factors for injury.